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Recently, Career Management Associates‘ partner David Ciullo interviewed MORRIS ASSOCIATES INC. the new radio show, HR Power Hour. Designed to provide executive decision-makers with valuable insight on a variety of human resource management topics critical to business success, the HR Power Hour airs live, each Saturday on News Talk WLOB, 1310 AM.

On September 8, 2012, in the HR Power hour segment titled, “The How’s and Why’s of Retreat Facilitation,” Tom addressed the following questions:

• Why do firms/organizations do off-site retreats?

• What are some of the specific themes or topics they want to hold retreats for?

• What do they expect to get from off-site retreats?

• How do they measure ROI?

• Who usually attends off-sites?

• Where do they hold them?

• What do you recommend to anyone thinking of doing an off-site? About process? About facilities? About length?

• When you are planning a retreat with an organization what is the process you use? What are questions you ask them? What are key deliverables you’re trying to develop in the planning process?

To listen to Tom’s HR Power Hour segment, “The How’s and Why’s of Retreat Facilitation,” click here.

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