MORRIS ASSOCIATES INC. takes an active role in designing and customizing presentation and training agendas and materials with you so we can address the key needs of your organization.

Our full-service, before-during-after approach ensures that participants maximize time at the event by focusing on pre-defined learning goals, channeling activities and producing desired results from the moment training begins.


Define Learning Goals, Set the Stage
  • Listen to understand organizational culture and context (who and what) and to define specific training focus and relevance (why and how).
  • Develop preliminary workshop objectives and agenda.
  • If appropriate, hold an informal meeting or call with a focus group of participants to refine and reinforce workshop objectives and agenda and to set the stage for an effective event.


Fun, Fast, Productive
  • Promote a high-energy interactive environment, with participative exercises and discussions punctuated by focused presentations of key points.
  • Facilitate learning, goal-achievement and skill development through practice and practical application.
  • Capture and reinforce participant input and learning through review and post-event process.


Follow-Through and Follow-Up
  • Format, edit and word process results from the event to be distributed to participants after the workshop.
  • Review training results with management to help structure follow-up communications to participants. Depending on your goals, we can set another meeting and hold a 60 – 90 minute review and reinforce training with participants to insure skills learned are effectively being used on the job.

Training Topics


  • Defining, Understanding and Managing Corporate Culture
  • Instilling Corporate Values into Everyday Employee Preferences
  • Managing Morale in Turbulent Times
  • Putting Fun in the Workplace


  • Effective Recruiting and Retention
  • Behavior-Based Interviewing
  • Coaching and Counseling Skills for Managers and Supervisors
  • Combining Performance Appraisal and Continuous Coaching into an Integrated Process


  • Leading, Managing and Coping with Change
  • Teambuilding and Team Leadership
  • Understanding and Using Emotional Intelligence
  • Putting Passion Back in Your Life and Work


  • Resumes from the Reader’s Point of View
  • How to Avoid De-selection
  • Marketing Yourself after 50: Good News for Gray Hairs
  • Advanced Interviewing, Networking and Negotiating Skills

These topics can be customized to be presented as workshops, lunchtime presentations or facilitated keynotes. Contact us if you have training or presentation needs you would like to discuss.