Outplacement Services

When your people need to find and win new work, MORRIS ASSOCIATES INC.‘s customized outplacement programs help them find new employment faster and more effectively. So if your organization has to downsize employees, MORRIS ASSOCIATES INC. can be there before, during and after RIF notices are given.


Assessment & Resume Development
  • Conduct initial consultation to determine transition and career needs.
  • Counsel each individual to effectively deal with the emotional aspects of making the transition out of an organization and into the work market.
  • Conduct career assessment and identify key marketable strengths, abilities and interests, as well as the potential for self-employment.
  • Review and discuss career assessment results, integrating articulated values into transition and lifestyle planning.
  • Work with each individual to integrate assessment results into a focused, future-directed resume with impact.


Research, Planning and Contact Development
  • Using assessment results, help each individual target and develop their contact plan to reach out to appropriate industries, organizations and other contacts to make in their transition.
  • Help to identify potential positions, to research and contact hiring organizations and to track search actions and progress.
  • Counsel each individual how to work effectively with executive recruiters and search firms.
  • Assist individual with interpreting and responding to advertised positions.


Interviewing, Negotiating and Closing
  • Train and coach individual and small groups in effective online and in-person networking, interviewing and negotiating techniques.
  • Support, monitor and evaluate progress in the work search through on-going individual coaching and counseling.
  • Prepare individual for interviews and other important work search meetings. Debrief individual post-interviews and meetings, including constructing appropriate follow-up actions and letters.

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