Our coaching programs are customized to meet the leadership development needs of each individual. The MORRIS ASSOCIATES INC. team has coached partners, presidents, senior executives, directors and managers. Our customized, one-on-one coaching process includes:


Preparation and Assessment
  • Conduct introductory meeting with management to confirm general areas of coaching focus.
  • Hold diagnostic meetings with individual and manager(s) to discuss coaching areas and set general coaching goals.
  • Select appropriate assessment instruments, which can include 360° interviews if appropriate.


Assessment Feedback and Planning
  • Review assessment results and interviews held, if any, with the individual. Develop a more detailed written coaching plan to target specific development objectives.
  • Meet with the individual, manager(s) and coach to agree on the more detailed written plan as the focus of the coaching process.


One-On-One Dialogue and Progress Reporting
  • Conduct customized coaching to work on specific development objectives.
  • Recommend learning materials, outside training and customized assignments selected to reinforce coaching dialogue.
  • Track development progress and review and revise ongoing plan as needed to continue to implement and sustain positive changes.


Development Follow-Through and Reinforcement
  • Conduct summary meeting with coach, individual and manager(s) to review coaching results.
  • Review and agree upon the individual’s action plan to sustain positive changes.
  • Agree upon follow-up communication and actions among all parties involved.

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