Many of you already know Sharon Armstrong from either working with her as president of her firm or as a long-time senior consultant with Morris Associates Inc. For those of you who may not know Sharon yet, we’d like to introduce her by sharing her latest newsletter.

If you’re in a position that involves talent management, I highly recommend you give her a chance to save you time, money and effort.

Dear Colleague:

I never have time for lunch. I’m always too busy. And I suspect the same is true of you, too.

When people invite me to lunch, I can’t help but laugh. “I haven’t had lunch for years,” I tell them.

I’m lying, of course.

Most days my husband makes me lunch and brings it to my desk. But many times I’m too busy talking on the phone to chew! I want my husband to learn how to set up a feeding tube so that I could get my lunch intravenously. But so far he’s shown no interest in getting a degree in nursing.

So why the sudden lunch invitation?

Because there’s one big exception to my “no lunch” rule. And that’s when an HR Manager, Meeting Planner, or Training Coordinator wants to lock down a whole year’s worth of training, speaking and/or consulting in a single meeting.

On these occasions, I’ll not only take you out to lunch, I’ll pick you up at your office and take you back afterwards. If, like me, you scarcely have time to leave your desk, I’ll bring a nice carryout lunch to you. And if you don’t have time to chew, well, we can always do it over the phone, too. (In this case, you must supply your own I.V.)

The benefits of doing this in January are considerable. In one lunch hour, you can get your entire training, consulting, and speaking schedule set for the year. As usual, I’ll provide up to 3 highly-qualified referrals for each of your assignments And these referrals come at absolutely no cost to you. So when you throw in the cost of the lunch, you actually make money on the deal!

When it comes to your 2014 training schedule, it’s like that old line from Ron Popiel’s TV infomercials: “Just set it and forget it!”

We’ll put your training on autopilot for the year so you can concentrate on fun stuff like benefits administration, termination meetings, and disciplinary discussions.

Sound good? Then call me and as they say in Hollywood…

Let’s do lunch!


Sharon Armstrong

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